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Welcome to Positival
Empowering Your Workplace with Post-Cancer Support Solutions

What we do

Integrated Support Services

We bring together medical advice and practical

return-to-work strategies into one complete service

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation

We keep an eye on your health and performance to adjust your return-to-work plan as needed

Educational Resources

We provide a wide range of educational resources and training modules for both employees 

Why collaborate with us ?

Collaborating with Positival offers numerous benefits aligned with legal obligations and fostering a supportive workplace environment

Long-term Sustainability and Employee Retention

Supporting employees through tough times builds loyalty and trust. This keeps the employee strong and ensures long-term stability and resilience

Let's Make a Difference Together

Partner with Positival
Join Positival and see great benefits: a healthier, more engaged workforce, better resilience, and a positive impact on your bottom line. Empower your workplace with our post-cancer support solutions

Support Cancer Thrivers
Help us support Cancer Thrivers. Together, we can create a brighter future for those affected by cancer.


Contact us today to learn how we can make a difference together

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Positival has received support from Innovation Norway

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Thanks for contacting us

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